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Send from Nova and beyond.

Made for Laravel Nova, Nebula Sender turbo-charges your email-sending capabilities with convenience and future insights; providing a richer experience for both developers and end-users.

Use with:

Nebula Sender features

  • Send it, log it

    Nebula Sender will save a copy of each message that is sent from your application, including subject line, recipients, and all associated HTML-based content, to be reviewed/referenced later.

  • Save a draft, send a draft

    Started writing an email and then you have to go cook dinner? You can save message to a draft in any state to be worked on later.

  • Resend it again, again

    With a simple click, resend a message that you have already composed to your users.

  • Cloning is a thing

    Got an email that you already sent? Clone/duplicate that message, make a few changes, and then send it again; as many times as you want!

Keep track of your partial thoughts.

Save partially composed email messages as drafts to be sent at a later time, or duplicate and re-use for multiple various use-cases.

Draft Listing

View your sending history with options

Like that of your favorite email client, Nebula Sender will store all of your sent messages for you to review.

Didn't get the point across?Send it again.

Nebula Sender will allow you to take a previously composed email message and resend it to your users; it just as it was.

Give a sent message a new lease on life. Copy it.

Want to compose an email that you have already send with a few subtle changes? Just create a new draft from a previously sent message.

Sending Messages

Simple no-tricks pricing

Per site/application

Give Nebula Sender a try for 7 days and change your email workflow. You can cancel at any time.

What's included

  • Unlimited draft/message storage

  • Cloud-based API key management

  • Access to future updates

  • Support and documentation updates

Per month

$8.99 USD

Per year

$89 USD

(That's 2 months free!)