# Nebula Sender: Getting Started

Made for Laravel Nova, Nebula Sender is SaaS extension for this Nova tool; allowing for users to:

  • Create/manage email drafts
  • Save sent messages
  • Resend previously sent messages
  • More to come...

# Requirements

  • Existing Laravel Nova (opens new window) installation
  • dniccum/custom-email-sender:^3.0 Composer package installed. This does require version 3.X.
  • Nebula Sender API Key. This can be attained via the Nebula Sender dashboard.

# Configuration

Once you have an API key from the Nebula Sender Dashboard (opens new window), you can simply set it to a Laravel environment variable like so:


Once you have set the variable, simply refresh your page, and the additional feature will be unlocked.

# Additional Configuration

# Timezone

By default Nebula Sender will use your application's timezone settings; which in most cases is UTC. More than likely this will show activity timestamps that will not make sense to your users. Modify the NEBULA_SENDER_TIMEZONE environment variable with a viable timezone value (opens new window)

For example:


# Date Formatting

If you want to change the formatting of the dates returned to your users, set the NEBULA_SENDER_DATE_FORMAT environment variable using PHP's default date formatting (opens new window).

This is the default value:


# Localization

If you plan on extending this tool's localization features, additional language keys can be found within the resources/lang/vendor/custom-email-sender/nebula-sender.php file.